Rumours : LG 64-bit handset will be one of the first in Android Silver line of Devices


Yesterday, rumours point that nexus line might terminated in favour of a line of devices to be known as Android Silver. This has been the second such assertion in recent months, and to help put the nails in the coffin, @evleaks has yet again leaked out some information that likely suggests the start of the Android Silver devices. @evleaks posted earlier today saying that a LG 64- bit handset will be one of the first in Android Silver which would be carried by U.S. carrier, Sprint, and reiterated again that there will be no Nexus 6.

This LG handset would be running a Qualcomm MSM8994 chipset processor, which we know as Qualcomm’s 64-bit, octa-core mobile processor. It looks like Android Silver is going to be loosely based on the Nexus line, at the very least, as the continuation of LG’s services as a manufacturer suggests that this be more of a rebranding, or rethinking, of the Nexus devices. What’s also interesting is that @evleaks says that the LG handset in question would be a “successor to the Nexus 6 initiative, suggesting perhaps that the Nexus 6 had been previously worked on (which would make a lot of sense given recent rumours) but LG has since diverted development energy over to this new Android Silver handset.