Bluetooth 4.1 new Features


The Bluetooth SIG (Special Interest Group) announced today all of the new features coming with the latest release of the standard, Bluetooth 4.1. As you would expect with an incremental point release the bump to BT 4.1 isn’t groundbreaking, but makes several solid improvements over 4.0.

The latest version focuses first in improving usability for end users — the BT SIG has worked to make sure Bluetooth and LTE radios can cooperate and not interfere with each other’s transmissions in a device. The latest spec also lets manufacturers have more control over Bluetooth connections in terms of reconnection times and disconnect thresholds.

A big part of BT 4.1 is making it easier for developers to use the technology. Working to be at the center of the “Internet of Things,” Bluetooth 4.1 lets any device be both a peripheral and a hub at the same time — for example a smartwatch could be a peripheral to a phone, but also be a hub to other peripherals such as a heart monitor or pedometer .

The Bluetooth SIG certainly sees even more potential in its technology, and with the new technological advances in 4.1 the spec is getting even more powerful.

Source :Android Central