Customize Your Security with C Locker Pro


Tired of having to always unlock your device before you can access anything on it, but still want to make sure your device and actions are secure?  Then the C Locker Pro app from developer xda Developers is the perfect app for you!

With the C Locker Pro app you can provide security for your device while still allowing your personal preferences to appear to your liking. Even with the “Lock Screen” function on, you can still access features such as the clock, calendar dates and events, alarm, weather information, media options, messaging and missed calls notifications, RSS feeds, additional device details, and more.

You have the option to customize your “Lock Screen” with features such as choosing your lock screen direction, screen timeout, volume control, shortcut and icon options, clock background choices, font style and color, and so on.

If you want to give the app a try there is a free version available here. It obviously has much less features available then the “Pro” version, but still offers a good glimpse of what the app has in store. However, if you start with the free version first and then decide to get the “Pro” version, make sure to uninstall the free one or you will have 2 apps running simultaneously.

Appearance and Layout
The C Locker Pro app’s primary function is to keep your device protected, but allow some functional ability at the same time. There is no need for fancy graphics or animation, as long as the app is serving its main purpose, which it does.

The overall app layout and navigation is relatively easy to figure out, and users should have no problem customizing their “Lock Screen” in no time.

The C Locker Pro app provides a unique take on device security by still allowing users to access universal features without having to constantly unlock their device each and every time. It is a great and beneficial app for any user who wants to maintain protection on their device, but still have some its features still accessible for themselves.

The free version of this app is a great start, but those who want so much more features and additional functions will want to upgrade to the “Pro” version. It is better to be safe than sorry, and why not be cautious, but without the frustration? The C Locker Pro app will help you out with that!

PS : C Locker Pro is $2.49 and this app’s Android requirement requires 4.0 and up. 


Source :Androidappsreview