Screencast an Android Phone/Tablet to PC

Wanna control your android devices remotely using mouse and keyboard or record a video on your computor ?Recently i found a way its working fine and support all the android devices.


  • android sdk
  • latest java runtime environnement ( doesnt have ? click here )


  • Install the android sdk
  • Connect your device through USB cable and ensure it’s detected with “adb devices”
  • Make sure you have Java Runtime Environnement 5 or later installed
  • Click HERE. You can launch it by typing “javaws <jnlp file>” from a command line.

If mouse/keyboard control doesn’t work, open a command line and type :

  • adb shell
  • su
  • chmod 777 /data/dalvik-cache
  • cd /data/dalvik-cache
  • chmod 777 ./


  • Mouse and keyboard control FOR ROOTED DEVICES ONLY
  • Landscape mode (right click)
  • Video recording
  • Basic file browser

This method working on rooted and non rooted devices ,but if your devices has  been rooted you can control your phone with mouse and keyboard !

if it help you , you can donate the developers ,more details check out !

Screen Recorder Test Video :