PurePerformances™X Golden Edition for Speed Up your Android Devices

Hey guys , have you facing lag issues on your android devices like playing games and more ?Here a mod for improve your devices performance , graphic , battery and more .It developed by Jeeko at xda-developers forum .


  • Android performances improved at 360°
  • Radically improved management ram on android (Lags…adios!)
  • Script lightweight and revised to be adapted to this engine
  • Improves a lot the graphics: of course Pure Graphic™HD, Pure Dithering Plus™ and… AOSPA 3.60 system tweaks
  • Scan multimedia time drastically reduced
  • Network Improvements, 3G experience even in 2G modality
  • All SQlite database optimized
  • Enable hardware features turned off by default for a better experience on entry level devices
  • Greatly increases the score AnTuTu: Try it to believe it!!
  • Reduces the startup time of Android
  • A version for stock rom and one for CM, to squeeze any roms!
  • Allows you to play ported games without lags\
  • Cleans the system every 24 hours, thecache every week and the Dalvik every month (cronos easter egg)
  • Automatically Zipalign on each boot (sensitive to the user)


  • Drastically decreased the drainage of battery
  • Check the activities that consume too much battery stop them with PureWakelocks™
  • When the phone is charging reduces system services for faster charging
  • The battery is calibrated on every boot
  • Disable animation of the system when the battery is nearly exhausted
  • Improvements in build.prop as regards the part of consumption


  • Enables a non-aggressive dithering to save CPU
  • When you lock the device, the engine makes sure that the GPU is turned off
  • Enables deep sleepalso in the bugged rom
  • Parts of bravia engine
  • Of course parts of CrossBreeder (credits to dev)
  • Of course parts of Adrenaline Engine (credits to dev)
  • Of course PureGraphics HD,
  • Of course V6 supercharger
  • Generates video entropy (like seeder)

CPU ,Governors, I/O schedulers

  • Slightly improves the scaling of the frequencies (for better results you need a good kernel)
  • Lightens the load on the CPU switching the workload to GPU rendering
  • Enable the swap partition in Android (experimental)


This engine works on any devices with any rom, but there is a version for CM’s rom and one for stock based firmwares. So, CMx.x, Lewa Os, MIUI, etc.

Install the stock version only on your stock firmware of your phone ….if your device don’t have gingerbread or ICS officially , install the CM version ( This also applies to AOSP )


  • Boot into CWM Recovery
  • Go to mounts and storage and mount /system and /data if they are not
  • Go back, choose the option install zip from sdcard
  • Then choose the option choose zip from sdcard
  • Locate the performance pack zip file and choose it
  • Then choose Yes when asked to confirm
  • Wait a few seconds and after it says it’s complete, go back and choose reboot system now



If this mod help you , you may visit official xda-developers forum thread for thanks or donate the developer