How to Remove Bloatware from HTC One AT&T

Get bunch of unwanted applications in your HTC One ?Now you can simply clean it and  make more space for your games and apps with a simple mod .So this mod is developed by homeslice976 from xda-developers forum .



  • ATT Device Help
  • ATT Address Book Sync
  • ATT Amazon Kindle
  • ATT CityID
  • ATT Drive Mode
  • ATT Family Map
  • ATT Hot Spot
  • ATT Locker
  • ATT Messages
  • ATT myATT
  • ATT Navigator
  • ATT Promo Widget
  • ATT Ready2go
  • ATT SmartWifi
  • ATT YPmobile


  1. Download Bloatware Remover and place it on your sd card
  2. Boot your phone into recovery mode
  3. Choose install zip from sd card
  4. Select choose zip from sd card
  5. Located the Bloatware Remover zip and flashed it
  6. Once installed zip from sd card complete go ahead to reboot system
  7. You’re Done

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if this mod help you , you can visit official xda-developers thread for thanks or donate to the developer .